Abstract Art Inspired by Nature

Sea to Shining Sea

You'll find various coastal and waterway colors as the main palette with lots of drips and spatters for a watery feel. Inspired by historical waterways that had importance during the Revolutionary War. I don't always focus on creating a loose rendition of a photo, sometimes I instead deconstruct the image and infusing the feeling or mood of these places into my work.

All of my artworks are original, one-of-a-kind pieces. Each are created with high quality, artist-grade materials and signed on the back. I work in oil, acrylics and mixed media.

  • Potomac

    20 x 20 inches
    oil & acrylic on panel 🔴

  • Hudson

    20 x 20 inches
    oil & acrylic on panel 🔴

  • Cheasapeake

    36 x 36 inches
    oil & acrylic on panel
    natural wood frame 🔴

  • Erie

    48 x 60 inches
    oil & acrylic on canvas 🔴

  • Machias (triptych)

    48 x 36 inches total
    oil & acrylic on panel 🔴