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Sunflower Season in Yolo | 18"

Sunflower Season in Yolo | 18"

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18 inch circle
oil, cold wax, and pastel on Baltic Birch panel
with a built-in wall cleat
original abstract art by Kristen Guest

Additional photos or videos available upon request.


Abstract landscapes inspired by the variety of subjects that the Southern California scenery provides and its dynamics of composition, textures, shapes, subtlety of colors and rhythms of light and dark. From the coast to the desert. From mountains to fields.

I’ve been exploring the combination of ochre, magenta, avocado green, and teal. No doubt there are lots of warm and earthy seasonal colors that we associate with autumn.

I don't always focus on creating a loose rendition of a photo, sometimes I deconstruct the image and infuse the mood or nostalgia of these places into my work.

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Kristen Guest

I'm a landscape lover pulling inspiration from regional areas and nature for my creative choices; translating the beauty and atmospheric feeling of these places into marks, color, and texture that often result in dramatic shapes, gestural lines, and visual tension.

Though I use reference photos that I’ve taken from my travels for inspiration in the studio, I don't always focus on creating a loose rendition of a photo. Sometimes I will instead deconstruct the image in a very abstract way and infuse my painting with the feeling or ‘mood’ of these places, creating a comforting familiarity or nostalgia for viewers who have also visited and escaped to these iconic destinations.

Most of my travels take me to two regions that couldn’t be more opposite: the SoCal desert and Hawaii. Aside from their differences, they have one alluring thing in common: time has a way of standing still and you find yourself getting lost in your surroundings. It’s that feeling of being away on vacation—relaxing, wandering, exploring, indulging—that I enjoy “bottling up” into my work.

– Kristen Guest